Blessed in San Diego, California


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About Me

You know what I love about my life?

I get to wake up every day to do something I love. 

I get to inspire people to do the things that inspire them.

My 'why' feeds their 'why.' I humbly give gratitude every morning following my daily Ashtanga practice and then again before sleep.  I enjoy to self-educate with inspiring giants; I choose quality over quantity. I sleep early to wake early to max-out daily. I thrive on daily habits of writing down goals, to-do lists, and journaling gratitude morning and night. Each night I write out three ways I  could have made Today even better. I give 100% of my everything, every single day to become a master salesperson and presenter. I smile all the time; I set new standards, and believe in serving the purpose of a greater good. I give more by focusing more. I believe in myself and those I align myself with. I am blessed, happy, and extremely confident because I practice greatness daily.  When our Lord asks me, "what did I do with my God-given talents?" I'll show him an abundant roster of people whose lives I've helped in one way or another. 

I am so proud of my remarkable daughter who is unusually talented in all the right outlets; she is sweet, silly-hearted, loving, positively energized, so much fun and beyond precious, her name is Ava, and she is why I am unfuckwithable! I work out daily to increase my health, energy, and enthusiasm! I eat remarkably healthy to stay focused, strong and powerful and I share these healthy habits with family and friends. I get to work with people I like, the only business for me, "is good business." I'm happy to do what I do because it works for everyone and I'm helping them get what they desire most, "Happy Customers." 

Zig Ziglar said it best: “Money isn’t everything, but it ranks right up there with oxygen.” I am very fortunate to be doing something I love and to have created significant relationships along the way.  

Life is an exchange of energy, and I determined a long time ago that I will only keep positive energy and great people in my life. 

If you took the time to read this, I would like to say, "Thank You."

Blessings to you all on your unfolding paths,

Dan Weik (pronounced wick)

San Diego, Ca.